Google Pixel 2 & Google Buds

So,  Have Google finally broken the language barrier?

To be released soon as part of the Pixel 2 sales pitch are the new Google Buds.  The idea is to translate in real time.

So how does it work?

At first glance, they appear just like a regular pair of in-ear Bluetooth earphones. But they come with one amazing trick – near real-time, multi-lingual language translation.
Paired with the new Pixel 2 phone, all you have to do is push down on the right earbud, and ask the Buds to help you speak in your chosen language.  Say a sentance or word, pull your phone out, and the Pixel 2’s speaker will relay the message in your choice of one of 40 languages. Then, the person you’re having a conversation with can respond, their words will then translated in the earbuds.

Due for release in November 2017 – This could be one to watch if you fancy a new Google Flagship Pixel 2 phone.